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My mum has been diagnosed with alzheimers and parkingson deseas, it has devasted the whole family. i keep ringing her all the time and feel that perhaps i need to let her be to get used to it herself. my dad told me in a confidential phonecall that he doesnt know how hes going to cope when the deseases progress. i live 200 miles away from them and i wish to god i lived close, if not for anything else, just to hug them but i dont think i would let go and probably end up suffocating them. the pills arent working and some days my mum doesnt even want to get out of bed. What should i do and how can i help best without smothering them both????????????????
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It sounds like your mom might be depressed. I think I'd be depressed with those two diagnoses.
How old are your parents?
My step-dad had parkinson's disease and it was bad for him. He also had rheumatoid arthritis and a bunch of other problems so that didn't help.

Do you know what stage she's in?
759062 tn?1234254793
I am unsure what stage she is in but my mum is only 70, its hard to know what to do or how to deal with my mum, i want her to just be happy and know that im there for her. i told my dad the other day that he should let her do as much as possible herself because it would help her keep motivated but obviously he needs to keep a watchful eye on her. was that the right thing to say?
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