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In denial.........

I have looked for a forum that was patient based and all I can find are ones for caregivers, so I'll share my thoughts with you guys and maybe you can tell me if those you care for are going thru the same thing.

Do the patients have head rushes?  The head rushes is what started everything in 1992.  Experienced them again in 94 and 96.  2002 saw them escalate to the point I became disabled.  In 2006 I was diagnosed with Alzheimers.  I was put on meds that almost killed me.  I experienced rapid weight loss, became weak and feeble, horrible head rushes, loss of balance, loss of motor skills, horrible nightmares, inability to sleep, inability to think clearly.  Those are the main ones I can think of.  I tried to explain to the doctor what I was experiencing and was told I most likely had a virus and to not stop taking the meds.  I tried for almost a month to stay on them, then stopped.  Ironically, everything went back to normal with the exceptions of the head rushes, which the doctor had said were mini seizures.

The head rushes bring on the depression.
The head rushes bring on the anger.
The head rushes bring on poor balance.
The head rushes bring on poor concentration and inability to perform.
The head rushes bring on limited motor skills.

I keep trying to figure out what part of that the neuro-dudes, as I affectionately call them, don't understand.

If there are meds for grand mal-seizures, then why not for mini seizures?

I have come to believe that Alzheimers is a blanket diagnosis given to we, the elderly, when doctors basically don't have a clue.  Alzheimers, as currently defined, pretty well covers everything we might experience as we age.  Doctors use us day in and day out as test subjects on behalf of the drug industry.  You don't think so?  Ever heard this?  Doctor says, "Try this med, and if it doesn't work, we'll "try" something else."  With TRY being the definitive word here.  TRY is basically an experiment.  If something doesn't work, then TRY something else.

That theory is fine until it comes to the human body.

The neuro-dudes can't tell me why I'm still articulate, still have the ability to operate complicated software used in graphics arts and the world of publishing or the most important question of all......  why I know.  I know when I've made a mistake and know how to correct it.  I know when the head rushes are getting ready to start.  I know that they last for days at a time.  I know when my words are wrong and immediately correct them.

Let me hear from you guys please as to whether the ones you care for are experiencing the same things, perhaps it will better help me accept this or to continue to fight it.
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Could you please tell me what exactly you mean by 'head rushes'??  
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My head rushes are dizziness, loss of balance, numbness, euphoria, weakness, loss of motor skills.  Most physical of activity of any degree brings them on.  

Hope that better defined them.
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Just a hunch here...Have you seen a vascular specialist? One who can scan and map all the blood vessels from your neck upwards? and have you been seen by a cardiologist? The reason I ask, is because the symptoms you describe can be from hypoxic events to your brain (low oxygen amounts) that can be caused by intermittent episodes of irregular or fast heart beat patterns, a build up of plaque in your neck vessels that nearly cuts off the blood flow now and then, or perhaps ministrokes called TIA's...It is most concerning because you mention it is brought on by physical activity...Has your DR listened with a stethoscope to your neck for "Bruits"? This is a sound made by blood rushing through a narrowed neck vessel...It would indicate a plaque blockage forming...good luck...this sounds like something "structural" rather than "electrical"...(I'm not a Dr, just a paramedic who's seen a lot in 25 yrs of patient care..)                                                                                 ~Melnda
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I have only just read your very excellant decription of what you are dealing with and I hope by now you have some answers, it read to me that your Meds may cause this or some of it, some Meds do have severe side effects and I believe there are others you could try, again I hope you are feeling better.
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How are you doing, let us know.
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I use to get headaches severe type and also lose vision , talking, paralize- basic stroke type systoms.  I could get it on my right , left or both / sometimes no headach with it.  I would stop on green and go on red. /The people I would work with sometimes would be called someone elses name and I knew I called them wrong names but what I thought came out different.  I got rid of my husband it cut the headaches out half and the job next.  Main head aches only come under major stress.  But I still lose my eyesight at times. All so have close up vision comming and going blurs alot.  / near 13 year after minor stroke .  Right hand still has problems holding things.  What I'm trying to say The doctors thought I was everything else was wrong with me but when I went into the hospital with a minor stoke systoms they finally figured it out .  Try to get to another nero. from a male clinic in Rodchester Minn or Another type like it closer.  They may find out what it is.  My Husband has Picks and it is the front lobe dying and no one could figure it out.  Does it happen when you get stressed and if it does that is when the doctor should see you.  Roger got stressed out while going to see the nero. doctor and than and with all the things I wrote about that he done in the 5 years / yes 5 years, that the Doctor done some simple test, got the answer.  He is normal for a week and than he does things that he wouldn't have done .  The clock  was  done which he was to draw in the numbers 1-12 time 9:15 and the arrows to the hours and min,   He left out the 12, 9:05 and point the arrows inwards the same size.  Other test went about the same.  When he was being tested before and was calm he passed the test perfect with one wrong /it lasted 2 1/2 hrs.  The Woman came out and said he was really intelligent and only missed one wrong and she had never seen anyone miss just one.  They need to see it in action.  I hope you get the answers/ He also didn/t remember that some things happen. and can funtion normal most days and than he does things again.  He is in 7 years into it and now is almost every day to every third day having troubles with Tv control , putting things in the wrong places, not being able to write but can still read.  

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How are you doing ?
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