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Is an Alzheimer's vaccine a real possibility?

Researchers in New Mexico have started trials on a vaccine that they hope can prevent Alzheimer's disease.  It's only in animal trials for now, but results are promising: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/alzheimers-disease-possible-alzheimers-prevention-breakthrough-reported/

Would you take this vaccine if it eventually becomes available for humans?
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I'm all in favor of not burdening my kids with this as they so often are the ones that have to figure out care and are hurt by their parents mind going.  I'd want to know what the side effects are first though.  We are talking about a brain disorder so would want to make sure there weren't going to be any downsides that made it less appealing.  Normally with a vaccine there aren't but time will tell.  I think it is amazing though that advancements like this are 'about' to be made!
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I think this is great. I would definitely take it if it becomes available in my lifetime.

My father-in-law died of this, and it's a horrible disease. I think this is years from becoming available to humans, but any progress is good.
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That's an interesting article! First, I did not know mice got Alzheimer's.  Do you think they know they are mice when they do?  How do they know the mice have Alzheimer's? Okay, I'll stop.  But really, how fantastic would that be to have a preventative measure for this debilitating health issue?  Heck ya I'd take that vaccine!  

The article didn't say how long until it will be tested on humans.   I hope the benefit they see in mice carries over. I'm all for it!  
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