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Is this a Alzheimer sign

My mom develops sinusitis issues with us say whatever we have on its making her act like she has a hairball in her
throat nut when Uncles smell heavy with cigarette smoke enough to make me and my son to gag but no sinus issues from mom with that smell and she gets sinus issues from cat odor which i would think cigarete smell is stronger than cat odor plus she claims now we have a good perfumey smell when before she said we smelled like cat sht or pee now shes saying this perfumey smell is making her sinuses act up and I tell her no fragrance@ my home because I react to them and then mom can be near high fragrant perfumey ppl or high fragrant cleaning supplies no sinus issues it seems she only reacts with me  and my son.
She also starts talking ask questons then she goes dont bother to talk I cant hear you and that goes on for awhile and she overeacts on small stains smaller than our eyes its like she things we  are covered head to toe in stain like a part ner my upper thigh region its like no but my mom looks at that area when Im sitting or notices a a dot of stain on elbow and its like why she sees things which others wouldnt notice and she reacts like we are filled with filth its annoying.
Plus she critcizes me and my son whose 8 1/2 and then she expects a lovable grandson afterwards but instead he isnt and shes shouting @ him what a brat he is and this will b last time he does anything nice for him. She
only reacts this way around us and I wonder why because if Uncles wore mismatched socks she wouldnt care
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You don't say how old your mom is? Or if you have noticed if this is a progressive or quick change in her personality?

I would certainly take her in to her doctor for an evaluation. It can be vitamin, hormones or infections that make people act oddly so an exam should be the first test.

Changes are always worrisome and the first step should be a doctor visit and a frank talk with the doctor about her behavior and the changes.
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hi, sorry your going threw this and for your mom to. i really dont belive its alz but plz have her seen by a Dr.

does Alz run in the family, has she has a stroke, hit her head?  whats her age.

heres some signs of Alz.

Changes in personality and behavior
Brain changes that occur in Alzheimer's disease can affect the way you act and how you feel. People with Alzheimer's may experience:
Social withdrawal
Mood swings
Distrust in others
Irritability and aggressiveness
Changes in sleeping habits
Loss of inhibitions
Delusions, such as believing something has been stolen
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most of the time , one of the first signs are they keep repeating their self, asking the same question, or telling you the same thing over and over.

thats how we though something was wrong plus my moms mom had Alz to.

i would just get her a check up and see what her Dr says. always here to talk.  Heart
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As your mum is quite nasty to you and your child, I would suggest that you do not see her very often.

It is not right for a young child to be exposed to his grandmother not being so nice not to cigarette smoke.

Best wishes.
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