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aphasia alzaheimer

good night
well about 20 days ago I had a tremor on the right cheek, not given much attention,
15 for now I'm having some trouble speaking certain words, have pronounced normal but I'm exchanging letters, names of people, it seems that my brain has words wrong I correct in taking time to talk, I'll talk to policing not to speak words wrong, this may be a sign of some dementia, diabetic'm 38 and 9 years, 3 years my diabetes ranges from 200 to 550 dl dl daily, this high rate of glucose could affect my brain?
stress, anxiety or depression can cause aphasia?
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Diabetes type 3, resistance to insulin in the brain.
TNFa (tumor necrosis factor alpha) & other inflammatory processes.
Stress, anxiety, depression.

All of the above are co-factors in brain tissue damage,
and if you indeed have aphasia, the location of the damage is in the region which controls language.

Some suggestions for immediate consideration.
-Coconut oil consumption. Coconut oil crosses the blood -brain -barrier
supplying the brain with "safe" high quality fuel.

-Carbohydrates may be your worse enemy. They are responsible for small dense particle LDL, which causes artery damage! Not regular LDL or HDL!

-Look into "BlockBuster All Clear" for some potentially great benefits.

-Boswella Serrata, a great natural anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator
with greater effectiveness than anti-inflammatory meds(when taken with a meal containing adequate fat/oil, which increases its effectiveness by 700%!)

This is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Best wishes.
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Did you go see your doctor?

And yes, the glucose can impact many things - including causing strokes. If you have not been to your doctor, you should go now - and get your sugar down safely.
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