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aspiration pneumonia

My father is in the end stage of dementia. He doesn't walk, speak, and has to be fed, although he can hold a cup. He has had several episodes of projectile vomiting, which, I feel is due to a blockage somewhere. He is on comfort care only. The other day, he had an episode of projectile vomiting, and swallowed some. He had a fever of 103+, which came down in 2 days. He also had fluid in both lungs. He was given oxygen, which was taken off as his saturation reached 94%. How can someone in this stage recover so quickly? Will these episodes continue? How long can someone live in this state? I live in another state, and I feel that my life is somewhat on hold, depending on what happens with him. Thank you very much.
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Ive been wondering the same thing. My grandmother has had dementia for 15 years. In her present state, she just lies on this bed/chair thing. In her present state she has had aspiration pnemonia, regular pnemonia, cancer, and several small strokes. I expected her to go a long time ago but now according to the nursing home, she is completely healthy
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