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hi how long does it take to become severly dehydrated with a person with azheimers does it take days, weeks or can it happen in hours,and how much should this person receive in fluids daily while in a nursing home , answers would be much appreciated, thankyou mr watson.
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thankyou very much for your help and reply is much appreciated you have helped to answer my queery and have put my mind at rest many thanks again gfella
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so many things depend to your answer. for instance is this person fragile to begin with? age? does this person have a cardiac issue(too much fluid can cause issues)
if he or she is noramllly healthy I would say fluids just like you or I. and it might be a few days before dehydrations occurs, depends on waht you feel is causing it. massive dirreah, just not drinking TOO HOT in the nursing home.
It can take a long time for a person with Alzheimers to drink.
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