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does anyone have ideals of how to keep my mom busy, shes pretty far into the alz but still wants to do things, but cant take her to mall/ stuff like that she has a hard time walking.  any ideals what we could do at the house to keep her busy and stress free
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I work as a nurse;s aid at an assisted living facility in two of their dementia units so this is what we do to keep them occupied...
Folding laundry, even if its the same laundry over and over again - particularly socks and towels.
Listening to music from the roaring twenties or whatever her favorite musicians or bands were from back in the day.
Watching documentaries or movies about famous movie stars or celebrities from back in the day.
Looking at old photographs.
Cutting out coupons and telling her that you're going to the grocery store and need to save some money.
Cleaning counters, polishing silverware, and random kitchen duties.
Like the above comment says - crafts! Some of the residents there like it, and some don't.
Trivia, or just board games that she might have played before the decline.
Try googling activities with people who have dementia and see what you get =)
I think it's great that you're keeping her active, keep up the great work!
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I used to let my Mom clean out her dresser drawers or her closet when she needed something to do.  Or fill and/or empty the dishwasher.  She'd repeat a lot of the same behaviors, but at least she felt like she was doing something and I think it made her feel better.  Even just watching a favorite movie of hers was a good distraction.  And arts and crafts are good too - just plain construction paper and markers and I'd do it with her.

Good luck to you - I know how hard this is so I'll be sending prayers your way.  :)
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thanks so much all, it helps to hear from othjers. its been a hard role to take on. am now the mother shes my daughter. she lives with me so its a full time job and a sad one.  i try and do the best i can for her, lots times she will get mad really fast and its gone until i can reel her in again.  shes 71 and has had it since she wasd 65, her mom had it also , so am really scared of getting it myself and with watching her it really scares me.but i PRAY to our LORD that it passes over me. my husband is getting good training in case it dont. so unfair to live your whole life .raise 4 girls and when you should be really relaxing and enjoying your goldened years your hit with this.   thanks again every thing helps. Barbara
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