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Lateral meniscus tear
hmmmm i am gonna tell you the exact conclusion they have made out of my MRI, that is "GRADE 2 TEAR POSTERIOR HORN LATERAL MENISCUS WITH ATROPHIC ACL WITH MILD JOINT EFFUSION & MILD BONE EDEMA UPPER END TIBIA AND LOWER END FEMUR".. THIS IS THE REPORT. i have consulted with Dr. Hardas Singh Sandhu (Ortho) at Amritsar(Punjab) India. he advised me to take rest for 1 week because of the swelling i had.. So i did rest, now seems no swelling. I tried to use steps, which i could do easily. i feel a bit of instability when i tried to land on side back of the heal..its a kinda sensation.. at the time of injury i could not bend my knee, but now i can even get closer to touch my butts with heal, but yeah it pains when i try to sit on toes..No loccking as if now. so this is the thing , happening to me, kindy suggest me the best thing. but i dont want to go through any surgery. Pease suggest me
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