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Shoulder Separation Inquiry


Just signed up to the forum and looking to see if anyone can provide some guidance. I am a competitive softball player and 4 weeks ago I incurred a Grade 2 shoulder separation when I fell shoulder first into the dirt. I went to the ER that night and saw an orthopedic surgeon a week later who diagnosed it. Since then, I have been going to physical therapy two times a week and doing all of my exercises to help it get stronger. I expect another 4 to 8 weeks before I return to softball.

My question is this. I am a shortstop. My position requires numerous aggressive and powerful throws across the field to first base. I'm just wondering if anyone has had this injury and has been able to make a full recovery afterward?? I have seen numerous posts that full recoveries can be made but no one talks about being able to throw. Not only throw, but throw with the same velocity as before the injury. I'm nervous that I wont be able to play shortstop any more. I can imagine only time will tell, but it would be nice to hear if anyone has overcome this with a similar situation. Any words of wisdom??

Thanks so much!!
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Generally when I am managing the rehabilitation course following shoulder separation it is important to strengthen the shoulder stabilizing muscles with the initial phase of physical therapy (4-6 weeks).  Then you should transition your physical therapy program supervised by a physician towards your sports specific goals (4-6 weeks), in this case overhead activities and throwing.  If you have not followed up with an orthopedic surgeon or physiatrist since your ER visit I would recommend a follow up office visit.  There you can have a discussion and have the physician perform a physical exam to see if there is any shoulder subluxation.  It may also be indicated based on the exam to get another image or x-ray.

It is certainly possible to return to sport, but will require close follow up by a physician.  With throwing sports such as softball the throwing motion from shortstop puts your shoulder at risk for another separation.  Our rehabilitation program should limit this risk.  May also want to discuss with your physician and coach regarding changing positions to continue your career.  

Good luck with the management of your shoulder separation and please let us know about your progress.  Thanks
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