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Tendon pain, quinolone use, and exercise.

I am a 40 year old male, no major medical problems. I took a 7 day course of 400mg Avelox about one month ago (April 5th). I have had a good amount of tendon pain mostly in left achilles and in tendons on top and bottom of arch of foot as well as some heel and knee pain. Again, like I said primarily left side. The achilles pain has subsided some, most of the pain and discomfort now is in the foot.

I have taken quinolones a few times in the past (Cipro) with either no pain or some pain that subsided quickly at or shortly after end of course (same with left leg/foot, I think). I have a history of kidney stones and prostatitis.

My question is how long should I expect this to last? Is it more likely that I have a rupture since I am having the tendinitis? When can I start doing some exercise (even if light) again, such as stationary bike, some upper body weights, etc?

I am not in a good place or position to see a physician right now. Some outlook and advice would be great. Thank you for reading and being here.
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