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7 months, same symptoms... come and go... does ALS onset like this?

I am a 45 year old male in good health.  Had afib last year and had an ablation 8 months ago... fairly routine overall.

About 7 months ago I started feeling fatigue in all 4 lower limbs... forearms as well as lower legs.  Not really painful... just fatigue, as if I had just worked out for a couple hours.  At the same time, I began having all sorts of little muscle twitches all over my body... but especially in my hands and feet.  Again, no pain... just lots of twitches.

I'll have these symptoms pretty severely for a few weeks, and then they back off (never completely going away completely, but not bothering me as much).  

Been to neurologist... ran nerve tests and everything was normal.  Been to Rheumatologist... pretty normal.  Doctors don't think anything is wrong (despite my best efforts to describe symptoms).  None of the meds I take are the cause.

Today the left arch of my foot ached really bad for about 6 hours... seemed tight.  Not like a charlie horse... more like I pulled a muscle.  Then after 6 hours, it just stopped hurting, almost completely.  Still aches a little, but nothing like earlier.

My jaw has been hurting when I eat for about 2 months.  No issues swallowing, whistling, spitting, drooling, etc... just pain that comes and goes (it is not constant, and it is not getting worse).  Having to clear my throat a lot, as I seem to have a lot more saliva in my mouth all the time.  No problem clearing my throat, though.

Often my limbs (arms and legs) seem disassociated from my body... like I'm really noticing them.  However, I don't appear to have lost ANY strength... I can still lift the same weights I lifted 7 months ago.  I don't trip or fall, or anything.

My question is... if I had ALS, would my on/off symptoms be normal?  Would I be having these feelings despite not actually losing any strength?  All 4 limbs at the exact same time?  Everything I've read seems to indicate the symptoms start in one limb and then spread.

I have read a lot about the symptoms of ALS, but not the order in which they occur, or if they come and go.  Any thoughts?
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