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ALS - speech clarity & swallowing issues?

My mother died in 2011 of ALS at 74.  I recognized her speech changes (sounded like she'd had a glass or two of wine) perhaps a year before she admitted or realized what she had.

Over the past 6-8 months, I will "'mis-swallow" at least once per meal, get food in my windpipe, and have to cough considerably to clear it.  Simultaneously, I occasionally find it hard to read out-loud without tangling up the words - talking is often the same way.

Is ALS hereditary enough to be concerned?  I'm 52.

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My brother had ALS.  We both studied it a lot .  Hereditary is not a big factor, unless you see it a lot of other family members. Even then it was very rare.  He drop things a lot and would joke every time I dropped something.  Don't fixate on symptoms.  Good luck

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