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I'm scared and confused. don't know if this is ALS.

I've suffered body-wide, random, muscle twitching or spasms (I don't know the difference, can someone pls. clarify or distinguish the two in simple words) since late-November 2014. It occurs on an hourly basis every day since it started, especially when sitting in front of the computer or doing some manual office work. Besides, one day I had been physically active (walking, running, etc.) for hours and these twitches did not happen. I also felt some subjective weakness but they seem to subside almost immediately.

I haven't had a actual check-up but I casually asked a doctor-acquaintance in December about my twitches. Before that I googled my muscle twitches and ALS was one of the results. I asked the doctor were my twitches due to ALS and ALS was ruled out immediately since I did not have any problems doing my daily tasks. However I suppose twitches should have long been gone. Maybe I have some problem... can being anxious, being a worrier or being preoccupied with the thought of having a fatal degenerative disease cause my twitching?

Also, later on if its ok I'll send photos of my right knee area. I don't know if the deepening I'm feeling there is atrophy or just normal. Besides, I'm not feeling weak there but some twitching occurs there.

If this ain't ALS what can this be? Other fatal disease? or just plain simple anxiety? Any help or tips to cope with my situation and to put an end to this twitching once and for all?

I'm really confused because of conflicting information I've read about ALS. One points out "twitching happens long before weakness occur" but some point out that "twitching is more of a side effect". Any clarifications to this, anyone?

Thank you and God bless in advance.
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