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Is muscle twitching along with tightness in legs and shoulders ALS?

Hi im a 28yr old male one day about 6 months ago i had what i thought to be a panic attack out of nowhere i was sweating and my hands feet legs all went numb. After i was told i was fine but had hypertension blood pressure and severe anxiety. A month later i noticed my right shoulder twitching non stop and then progressed to wide spread body twitching . over th last 2 weeks i noticed tightening in my muscles in my legs all day everyday not from exercise or walking but while at  rest. I have no a trophy though i can lift run jump and feel just as strong just tight in my muscles i wouln't call it cramping its not like a charleyhorse its like a tightening pain and twitching everywere.im pretty scared just because im so young and had my first child at 26 if i was 50 i wouldn't be so stressed over it but it's scary because i fear it could be ALS and would need to fasttrack money life in s urance and money torward my mortgage de as th is scary but at this time in my life its terrifying. Does this sound like ALS or MS or just BFS/anxiety
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I have the exact same thing you have! I went to my neuro and he told me he doesn’t think it’s ALS. That my symptoms didn’t reflect those of that disease.
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