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Symptoms or me just being stupid. ALS

hello there I will make this quick as you are all probably bored of saying the same thing.

I am currently a serving soldier in the British Forces and I know that I suffer from anxiety.

I am 23 years old.

So I'll start from the beginning.

I have recently had an operation on my ankle due to a injury I have occurred.
I was given Codene and Amnatriptoleen ( apologies for the spelling.) they gave me crutches after the operation I have never used crutches before. Stupidly I was double doesing on the drugs because the pain was u real. Stupidly I came of them cold turkey and massive withdrawal my emotions went evrywhere and it was awful.
About two weeks ago I started the get a aching pain in my right arm where my tricep is and slight tingling in my hands. Stupidly I looked on the Internet ( please don't judge, young and stupid) and obviously loads of horrible things come up, MS,ALS, other things but as you guessed I focused on only the main ones. I for a while I have been panicking getting myself worked up and now the pain is now in my left arm slightly and my right leg feels week. I have just been to the gym, ran, squats, calf raises, I tripped up the stairs though probably due to me trying to run up it. I personally think it's in my head that the symptoms are feeling worse. I would just like your advice. And probably a grown up Internet slap.

I hope this has not bothering you. I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety but ever since my divorce at 22yr old I have been an emotional wreck. I can't go to my Military doctors because they will look at discharge..

Any advice is helpful to put my mind at ease.
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