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Would greatly appreciate some feedback

Hi all, this is very uncharacteristic for me, so suffice to say I'm struggling....  I keep going back and forth between dread and talking myself down from the feared worse.  To the best of my recollection, I began experiencing some bizarre symptoms in the spring, maybe early summer (several months).  I had hand tightness, bizarre headaches, vertigo, dizziness, a pain the neck, and a pretty negative reaction to high pitch noises that I could essentially "feel" in my neck.  I also developed leg discomfort, which may have started in the calves but feels more in the thighs now.  A recent prescription for motion sickness appears to have helped with dizziness and headaches, maybe the hearing too which seems better.  

so now I am left with hand tightness that comes and goes (but never goes away entirely), leg numbness in both thighs that feels like it is involving the calves as well, and random muscle twitching all over.  The twitching greatly increased earlier this week as I got nervous, but seemed to reduce when I calmed myself down (on a day by day basis, not instantly).  The legs concern me most at this point, though I was able to run 1.5 miles today, albeit with some feelings of either weakness or awkward stride.  I don't generally feel fatigued during the day...

So big questions are your thoughts on if it's ALS?  Some of my research has indicated ALS doesn't "fade" so it may not be the case for my hand? Also curious how quickly I should notice atrophy, since I have had muscular symptoms for several months but have not lost any weight nor can I see any visible difference.  The infrequent ringing and neck pain may also point to MS more than ALS?  Sorry for the long message, I'm nervous, and appreciate any feedback.  

I have a second appt with my PCP this month coming up this week.  Will likely request to see a neuro at that time unless he totally shoots it down. Would be happy to update.  Thank you!!!!!!!!!
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Good luck getting anyone to respond here I posted about some similar concerns a few weeks ago and no one replied
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That's not ALS. MS..maybe. Don't jump to conclusions. You could have a vitamin deficiency..air or food allergies. I'm dealing with the same issues. I was cleared of MS. MRI's of my neck and brain were completely normal. I'm seeing a very good chiropractor now. The manipulations have helped..but symptoms still linger. He is testing me for food allergies now. You should try avoiding dairy, gluten, and nuts. Just a paleo diet. Meat (no seasonings, or sauces on them), fruits and . Read your labels. Continue to see your doctors.
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