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tongue atrophy

Had problems for a year. Had some sort of throat infection, flu symptoms, sore throat,( but unsure if this is connected with my problems now.). Then I started having problems with my voice. Difficulties with singing and screaming.Tired. Doctor saw redness in throat, and I got allergi medicines, and antibiotics. Not much help in them.
During summer, voice problems worse.Pain using voice and swallowing. Lump in the throat feeling, sometimes food stuck in throat. Pain in the neck.
Also feeling of wanting to fall, and faint. and sometimes I loose a little balance.
During autumn my tounge started to twitch on right side. My ENT sent me to neuro. They confirmed atrophy on right side, facikuliations, and weakness.
Did emg, eeg, spinal tap, blood tests and MRI of head, back, chest, throat and column. All came out clean! Neuro test also normal, except weakness right side of tongue.
Suspected als but NO diagnosis have been made, and the neuros look at this as a possible neuritis.

I think it´s strange though. but the tongue looks a little better, and seems stronger again. Also feel voice is better. Is it possible to have some sort of beningn atrophy of the tongue? I´ve heard atrophy of tongue is a very strong sign of als. Don´t see any atrophy in the body, but feel my head is protruded and that my neck and back are so stiff.

Don´t think I have Als, but it seems to be some sort of neuromuscular problem. Anyone have any experience with this kind of symptoms?
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