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Advice please.

Hello. I am 46yr old male. About 8 years ago I felt like I had a bit of a small growth around anus. Felt like a bit of grit. Went to docs who did examination with finger and stated benign skin tag.
A short while later started to notice a very small thin streak of pink / red blood on last wipe of toilet paper as if toilet paper has been pulled across something. Went back to docs and had different doc. He said I had skin tag. Mentioned the minor bleeding he said yes this could occur.
The bleeding continued now and then maybe every week or few times a month. In 2017 I had severe fatigue. Went to docs and  had bloods done and diagnosed with anemia and celiac disease. Had to have colonoscopy and camera down throat. Colonoscopy normal but throat camera confirmed celiac.
Since then the streak of blood on toilet paper has continued. Very small amount noticeable on last wipe. Looks like a thin line of approx 1cm of pale red or normal coloured blood. Sometimes goes a couple of weeks without anything then sometimes it's there a couple of times in a week. No pain, no change in bowel habits. No feeling of anything growing larger inside bottom.
My question is would a colonoscopy identify anal cancer if it was present?
I was getting same symptoms as now when I had the colonoscopy.  I know colonoscopy can Id colon / rectal cancers but would it pick up anal cancer?
If anal cancer would it have grown/developed significantly over 8 years or so that it would now be very noticeable and creating other symptoms?
Is it worth another trip to the doctors re this or is it something that will always be there. Nothing seems to have gotten worse over the years since previous visits. It does not particularly bother me as long as its nothing sinister.
Any advice or views appreciated
Thanks C.
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Hello and welcome to the community.  We're sorry you have to ask this question and are having these concerns but we will try to help.  Colonoscopies are important to have to detect colon cancer or precancer but anal cancer is diagnosed a bit differently.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/anal-cancer/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20354146  You can copy and past this article into your browser and it opens a page that discusses the diagnostic procedure for anal cancer.  The first thing that is done is a physical and visual examination.  A doctor will glove up and physically inspect the anal cavity for any abnormalities as well as visually inspect it.  If there is still concern, they can order an ultrasound or sound wave test.  And lastly, they may order a biopsy of something suspicious.  I think if your doctor as beginning the colonscopy saw something suspicious, they'd note it and mention it to you.  Having celiac disease does put you at a greater risk for inflammatory bowel disease which is often associated with rectal bleeding.  I personally would not think this is anal cancer at this point but if you have never asked specifically about being checked through examination for anal cancer, I'd go ahead and do it this year.  And yes, if nothing has changed in 8 years, that is a good sign.  
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Thanks much appreciated.
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