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I'm concerned as i am having a surgery for hemorroids and yet the Dr. says that one of the areas that was bleeding was possibly a tumor.....i did a biopsy less than a year ago because of an anal wart and it was negative and ive been dealing with this bleeding and discomfort for about 2 months now....i have the bright red blood on the toilet paper and off and on that blood is attached to the stool....i don't see the difference between what the hem would look like vs the tumor...but he says that one of the bumps was possibly a tumor......what are the chances that i would have several hemmorroids but one of them be a tumor vs just another more irritated hem?  Also if it is cancerous and its only been noticeable for a few months, would this be considered an early detection with a good chance of recovery?  
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Hi, its difficult to tell if its a tumor, unless a biopsy is done. A biopsy facilitates a histological study of cells, which gives you a definite diagnosis. If a biopsy has been done six months back and it was negative for malignancy, Then even if a tumor is detected now, the prognosis is good, provided the biopsy is has been taken from the same site. So once you have the diagnosis you will know what measures or precautions you need to follow. Good luck with your therapy. Regards.
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