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Anal fissure not healing

I used to have anal fissure from time to time in last 5 years but it always get healed itself in 5-6 weeks but last year I got anal fissure which hasn't healed since last one year,Sometime pain goes but skin tags remains there ,sometime pain and bleeding again start coming.I am just worried, is it a serious symptoms of ...  anything else.Please advice any medicine to cure this.
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I had an anal fissure in spring of last year. It did not heal its self. It was very painful. I went to 2 doctors. Then went for a colonscopy. Then an anoscope. Finally I had to have surgery. The colon/rectal doctor told me that once they become chronic they have a very hard time healing without surgery. The muscle goes into spasm and tears it more and more so it never heals. You need to go see a colon rectal doctor. He can give you a few creams that may work if not there is a quick surgery that can be done to fix things. Just go in!
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i have had the same problem for ovewr a year now and it is unbearable! i wake up scratching, the doctor has given me haemoroid cream and others but nothing is working. dr didnt say its haemoriods but gave me the cream? i have been to 4 doctors and they say itll be fine its very common. i cant handle it any longer im going dr again asap! remember to update us! good luck.
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I am going back and forthe trying to decide if I should have the surgery or not. I have been suffering with this for 3 months. I have tried about everything.  I have totally had to give up my active life style.  I can't sit for any length of time and some time not at all. I haven't read the most positive outcomes with surgery either. Any positive feedback you could give me. Really scared of this surgery!
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This fissure pain is the worse.I'm trying all the creams trying to avoid surgery.iv had it for a year.I only really get up to work m-f now.my movements pinch then pain for at least 6 hours.will surgery work ??
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