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Chances of anal polyps being cancerous?

I'm 35 years old male, I just had my colonoscopy done today, after I had 2 bleedings and found irregular stool caliber/shape also more frequent anal/rectum disconfort and pressure. The surgeon found two big anal polyps not far from the anal verge but did not remove them for biopsy and asked me to come back to him in weeks.
I'm now super scared they could be cancerous. The surgeon said 'we found something' after I woke up, and the report just says 'anal mass' with pics taken.
The polyps have no stalks, one has smooth shiny surface with the same color to the surrounding mucus lining. One is bumpy and has a teet like long tip on top. They look big on the colonoscopy pictures.

While being very anxious, I wonder what are the chances big anal polyps in anal canal are benign, or cancerous?
Also I had anal warts and anal fistula removed over 10 years ago by electro-fulguration/cautery, I know the HPV strains cause warts do not cause cancer, but what about polyps? Will this make me at even higher risk of anal cancer?
Is HPV related anal cancer formed in polyp shape at any stage?

Thank you for your kind reply and input, I appreciate it!
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