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Please help, I'm desperate
I don't know what to do anymore..

Six months ago I noticed there was a small swelling on the inside of my anus, I didn't think TOO much of it and was told it was probably from "straining a couple months later it became noticeably larger, and putting me in a considerable amount of pain. And well, now it's just causing me agony.

I have honestly been to so many doctors appointments etc. In the past half year, I STILL have no diagnosis, STILL no closer to any treatment, and I just need answers.

I'm so scared, if I'm allowed I'd even be willing to link a photo of it just in the hopes that someone might have some idea.

It's a large pink/red mass that protrude out of my anus if I "push" even a little. Now the past few days I can't goto the bathroom at all, I have had to "help tiny stools out because they seem to be getting stuck on/by whatever this thing is. It takes me weeks to be able to fully goto the bathroom, And I just can't stand the pain anymore.

I already suffer with depression and anxiety and I just can't take it.

When I'm on my period I have started passing blood from my anus, but only on my period.

I'm a 27 year old female, I don't have anal sex and I've never had any sort of trauma in that area.

If I had to describe what it looks like.. I suppose it comes out looking like flaps of tissue, almost like the texture of what I'd imagine a brain to look like.

I discharge/leak from it daily,I just can't do this anymore.

The doctors don't seem to be treating it with any sort of urgency, I have so far been prescribed laxatives..  And even that doesn't help. Oh and also buscopan which I didn't understand why either.

I also experience heavy sweating and fever.

I'm 9st 10, 27, female.

Please help.
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