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Rectal Pain / Pressure

I am a 36 year old male with no history of cancer on the male side but my mother is a breast cancer survivor.  I have been experiencing rectal pain ( it feels like someone is taking there finger and pushing on the side wall of y rectum a few inches inside).  The pain is very concentrated.  I had some sensation of pressure on my anus like I need to have a bowel movement.  I have also had lower back pain and a dull ache at my tail bone.  The pain/budge seems to come and go. If I lay on my back with my butt slightly elevated it seems to weaken and I wake up ever morning without the pain but it slowly kicks in as I get to work.  

I had a digital exam today and have an appointment tomorrow with another doctor. She could not feel any roids or fissures.   She stated my prostate seemed fine. Crazy thing was after the exam my pain subsided for an hour or so.  I have hard time passing stools which ave been loose like there is a hump in the road.  She also said there was no blood present in my stool.  When I push on the area it relieves the pain instantly but afterwards it seems to make it worse.

Can anyone relate or have had similar issues.  I am sweating bullets.  A nurse I know said it could be a rectal hernia.
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I'm so sorry to say this but your condition can only be hemorrhoid or anal cancer :( You said there's no blood. I hope you don't have these symptoms of anal cancer:

-anal pain, especially after a bowel movement
-anal itching
-anal bleeding or discharge
-change in bowel habits
-weakness or tiredness (due to a low blood count)
-bloody bowel movements
-buttock or perineal pain
-a feeling of not being done after bowel movement

Please keep me updated.
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I have all of these symptoms!  (Bloody BM's were 6 months ago, not recently).  Could it be hemerrhoids?  I don't know why I would have hemerrhoids since I never push hard while going to the bathroom, am not overweight or inactive.  :(
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