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Waiting for biopsy results...

I'm a 43 year old male with a twenty plus year history of untreated pilondial fistula. Recent chances to the lesion opening spurred me to see my doctor. The site has been healing and reopening these last couple of years since I began applying tea tree oil to the site. One of the most recent times it healed a small bump appeared (see attached photo).

I noticed that I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin, and my doctor ordered a CT and blood work. Both came back mostly fine (other than mildly fatty liver). My WBC was 4.5, which is fairly unchanged from last year (4.9). The surgeon believes I have devolved shotty nodes, possibly due to the decades of infection from the pilondial fistula. I wasn't worried about anything, assuming the bump (it appeared in late October) was likely scar tissue. The first surgeon I saw agreed, as did the second surgeon. But the second decided to perform a biopsy anyway as teh surface area had changed significantly over the last six months.

Now I'm waiting results and I admit I have grown more and more nervous. I know anal cancers arising from fistula are rare, though they are not unheard of, especially when the ailment has last decades. So I'm looking for any feedback as to whether it is likely that I might have cause for concern given the clear CT scan and the lack of any serious flags in the blood work.
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