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anal bleeding

Hi everyone, for as long as I can remember really I have always had a small amount of bright red blood on the toilet paper after passing stool.

I am male 22 years old. Other symptoms I have is pain when passign stool and pain when wiping too, kind of sharp and uncomfortable.

I have always just kind of passed it off as being an anal fissure or hemmerhoids or something like that. It is only recently I have started to worry it may be stomach or bowel cancer.

This is because over the last year or so I have lost about a stone in weight without trying too, and now people are saying I look too skinny and am very pale too.

Also now for the last month or 2 I have had stomach aches fort of coming and going throughout each day very mild but just making me feel uncomfortable and a bit sick.

My stool varies on a regular basis between quite moist and sticky and light brown ....to sometimes being hard and dark brown/blackish in colour and sausage shaped but made up of lots of lumps.

There is also a very small amount of red blood on one end of the stool if I catch it with toilet tissue to examine. Apart from this the only blood noticed is on the tissue after wiping and none in the toilet water at all.

I am getting really worried it could be cancer as my dad has had cancer in the past.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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