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anal swollen bump

Hi there

I have had small bump near anus and I went to specialist for anus and she sad that is blocked vein from onset of hemoroides before to be honest didnt look blue...but she was confident ..the first one didnt know what it was but she sad that is  meybe cyst or ingrow hair.
After 20 days appear this so now is already 60 days till I felt the bump on my anus and now is swollen and ver painfull and soft i see puss on top of swelling and below this I can feel harder bump???
Please check my photos I would appreciate any answer.
Thank you
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Anybody ???
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At first look, it looks like a normal boil (noticed the pus), but you said it has been like this for 60 days already, right? So, I think it is safe to say that it is a developing external hemorrhoid.
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Yes now is gone i had there small cut so i beleive was infected ...strange i can atill feel like small raised bump under finger must ve a cyst or something.
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Glad that you are ok now and that is not hemoroid or cancer. Good luck
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I cure it when i started eating Turmeric
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