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doubt about anal wart inside anal canal

Hello I m 32 years male. Am very scared about the thought of having an anal wart inside the anal canal. Though I had an appointment with the dermatologist who checked outside anus n told as its just hair follicle but later I doubted as came to know that warts can also be found inside of the canal to find out this I checked inside and felt some very minute dots very close to the opening inside and they were around 2-3. I just need to know as how an anal wart feels inside. Also I feel irritation inside my anus . Feels like had some chillies n after bowl movement kind of warmness when I contract my anus but as I release my anus feel comfortable. I would be very thankful to those who would read n reply my thanks. Also plz tell as to whom should I ask in the hospital. A dermetologist, a gastroenterologist, a society dealing with hiv testing. Im in stuck plz help me out.
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you should get a check up with a gastroenterologist if you worry that much, have you had unprotected anal sex? A doctor will be discreet and help you out. You shouldnt be embarrassed.  
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I never have done unprotected anal sex. So still do I hv chances of contracting warts inside the anal canal when there was no skin to skin contact. Plz help me I m so worried.
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from a finger yes. You dont need to worry that much. It is treatable but if left untreatable can be dangerous. Talk to your doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist and everything will be solved.
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