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early detection of HPV/anal warts/anal-rectal cancer???

Hi everyone. I'm a 24 year old man who has recently been diagnosed with
anal warts (hpv) around my anus and I had them froze off by a clinician and
most of them were gone, except for few (one or two) which the clinician missed,
i guess. Along with that I had
done an anal pap smear which came back normal, fortunately :)
First of all, I have been bi-curious and tried some stuff about 2 years
ago including anal toys, protected anal sex, frottages. But then, I stopped.
Because I was worried that I might get HIV.
Fortunately, I did not contract HIV but instead I now have hpv as mentioned
Recently after the first treatment I have discovered
two really small genital warts along my penis. I think the warts were spred
from my anus before they were treated. I intend to treat these too soon. But,
I also had some itching going on around my anus and some constipation along
with some bleeding (bright red color). I suspect it is hemorrhoids but I'm
still worried that it might be anal or rectal cancer. Yet, I know this is quite
not likely since my anal pap smear was normal and that cancer takes years
(app. 10~20 years) to develop into stage 1 even. Still, I'm worried. Soon after I
treat my genital warts and anal warts (few that was left untreated), I intend
to do a colonoscopy and see a professional with regard to my overall
anal-rectal health and to prevent any cancers that may result from it.
Do you think this is necessary? Or perhaps, I am too late?
Am I at a high risk of getting anal-or-rectal cancer?
I'm only 24 and I have read that most cases (90percent) occurs to people
over 50 years old. But I'm still worried.
I also have a girl-friend (since I stopped being bi-curious) and we had 2
occasions of intercourse (I woud switch from wearing condom to no-condom
but never ejaculated inside her) shortly before I was diagnosed.
Since I did not have any anal sex with her I think her
developing any cancer in anus or rectum is almost zero. However, I fear she might
have contracted hpv on her vagina (she has not developed any genital
warts or whatsoever so far) and might be in danger of developing cervical
cancer. She is only 22 but i want her to have regular pap smear too so that
she can prevent it from ever happening. As part of an effort, we are abstraining
from having sex and I intend to not have sex until I marry her or someone-else.
With regard to me and my girl friend, what are the odds that we will develop
any types of cancer if we start doing regular screenings (pap smear for her
and anal pap smear&colonoscopy for me)? I heard the WORST one can get
from hpv alone is cancers..cervical, anal, or penile...etc
Any advice? THANK YOU.
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