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pressure in rectum

Last september I tried to masturbate stimulating my prostate so I inserted a light weight small wax in a nylon cover (like 1cm wide and only entered it maybe max 4-5 cms) after washing it. (No judgements please it's the most stupid thing I have ever done) .

Ever since I have been feeling constant rectum pressure. And that day few white odorless discharges came out of anal but nothing more. And a small bump on the outer skin of the anus appeared.

So I rushed to a doctor maybe after 3 days and he did an anal exam using hands and gloves to find no hemorrhoids and nothing really there. Then went back to him again to find nothing new but he examined the area right where I feel the pressure by his hands to find no polyp or any thing unusual.

Only he told me that the anal cavity is so "tight" that there are strong muscles spasms and gave me Norgesic pills and GTN creams and told me not to worry.

The rectal pressure comes and goes and mainly when I ejaculate it appears/or goes away! Or just nothing happens.

I am anxious if this can be anal cancer of some sort and that some red blood (very minor spots) appears on my stool only when I feel my anal skin burns and is irritating. Can this be cancer? What should I do it's almost a year. Should I check the prostate?
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