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worried at 27

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read my post.  A few months ago at work I experienced some sudden and powerful gas pain, and the next day I passed a few drops of bright red blood in a bowel movement.  I went to an ER doc and he said he performed a digital exam, but said he couldn't find anything wrong or any signs of bleeding.  The GI doc I saw a week later said that it was probably an internal hemorrhoid.  I bled once more the next week, and then nothing for months.
Recently I strained during a movement, and the next day I bled again.  It has really freaked me out, because everything I read on the internet points to cancer.  I alternate between healthy (although not quite as large) and thin movements, and I feel a mild itching sensation about once a day.  I've been so distraught over all of this, I have been going to the bathroom twice or three times a day (once a day is my normal).  I think I can feel something just inside my rectum, because I can feel a pressure when I pass solid (but not as large as normal) movements.  I have an appointment for a flex sig, but am hoping for some insight because this is really eating me up.  
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