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3 year anniversary

I am now on my 3 year anniversary from  toxic NMS medicines. I was told that the medicine would cure my chronic cluster headaches. It caused my brain to rupture. Now on my 3rd year.  I suffer everyday with polyneurapthy to severe OSW to post stroke symptoms everyday. I cannot keep my oxygen levels above 85 if i lay down. The hospital refuses to update my medical records. I complained and they changed their name! Now they are trying to deny my cerebral artery occlusion. My neurolist slip me someone else's MRI. My feet are now mottled. My prostate needs to come out, but they say i am to ill to have the operation. All my specialist have moved on since i discovered it. They tried to hide my ruptured anurism for over 2 years. 3 years ago they wanted to put me in a nursing home. I went to another hospital and they DNR ME but i popped out of coma.  All i want is the truth, but hospital will not update my records! I am trying to do my OCR paperwork, but i have over 48 forms to deal with because of the dept. of aging and dept. of disabilities have been sharing my protected health info since 2012. I cant go to another hospital because of the computorized health network. I won the case on my hospital so they changed their name but not my health records. All i want to know is my health diagnosis. They will not even give me a neuro evaluation. I have written to all my senetors, everyone, but no one wants to help me because of a corrupt  local/federal agencies and the hospital merged with the state. I dont care anymore as long as i see justice. Why cant they just apologize? How much longer can i live? I depend on oxygen, but they wont give me a prescription. I bought my own machine, so i am homebound. I forgot severe edima also. I do not sweat either. I have demylination disease also.
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Do you have a primary care giver? If so, you need to present all this information to him,/her immediately. If they can't get you admitted to a hospital for treatment, they will, hopefully, find a Social Health Care Advocate to work on your behalf.

Do you have any family or a close friend who can help you with this?

I wish I had a much better answer to give you. Check your phone book or go online for agencies in your area who might be able to help. If they can't, they may be able to advise you were to go next,

I'm really sorry all of this is happening to you but don't give up.
I wish you the best

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I gave your post more thought and now advise you to immediately hire the very best lawyer you can. What they have been doing to you is not only illegal but immoral.

I don't know how wide a pool of lawyers you have access to in Barre, but if need be, widen your search to Boston or even NYC. Personally I think your case is iron clad.

I do wish you the very best and hope you will keep me updated.
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