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3mm Anuerysum

Hello All,

I am back for advice on aneurysm. Since the diagnosis in 2013 march, I have been getting MRA's every year to monitor 2mm annie but last year (2017) I had a TIA and since then, I have been getting random dizzy spells and migraines frequently. Specially movement triggers, also head feels foggy, left side of face tingly, burning pain, speech gets clumsy at times.  I am homebound 90% of the time. One ER visit diagnosis was Syncope also they think it could be aneurysm causing these symptoms.  Surgeon want to monitor since it didn't burst.  
I am in ER every month with sudden spells of dizziness, nausea and stomach pain. They check for stroke and heart and send me home.

I copied my MRA result below, I appreciate feedback from professionals and community on surgery and fallowups etc.,

IMPRESSION: Compared to the prior study, no significant change in an approximately 3 mm outpouching which probably reflects an aneurysm arising from the inferior aspect of the supraclinoid right internal carotid artery. Possible stenosis of the adjacent  right ICA. This can be further evaluated with CT angiography as clinically relevant.

TECHNIQUE: 3-D time-of-flight MRA of the circle of Willis was obtained without contrast.

FINDINGS: MRA of the circle of Willis demonstrates a hypoplastic right A1 segment. Redemonstration of a inferiorly and medially directed 3 mm outpouching which probably reflects an aneurysm arising from the inferior aspect of the supraclinoid right  internal carotid artery. This is not significantly changed compared to the prior study. There is possibly narrowing of the adjacent right ICA which may be due to atherosclerotic change, and this slightly limits evaluation of the aneurysm.

This can be  further evaluated with CT angiography if there are no contraindications as clinically relevant.

Otherwise, there is normal flow related enhancement in the major intracranial arteries. No flow gap is seen to suggest high grade stenosis. No evidence arteriovenous malformation is seen in the region imaged.

There is an expanded, partially empty sella

Getting it clipped help?  Did anyone with similar annie got surgery prior to rapture?
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