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Confused at different measurements of Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

I've had two different types of image tests within the last month: echocardiogram and coronary left heart cath where the interventional cardiologist also looked at the ascending aortic aneurysm.

For many years it has remained fairly stable at 4.4cm, imaging done via CT w/Contrast. The last CT was August 2018, showed 4.4.

The echo in late June showed 4.4. But last week the interventional cardiologist noted that he measured it at 5 CM. I realize it's highly unlikely to have grown 6mm in a month, or I'd probably be dead from a rupture or dissection already.

But why would the echo and the coronary ateriogram be so radically different? Are the results from the left heart cath more accurate than the echo?

However I am concerned that the rate of growth has increased in the last year to 6mm in 11 months. I'm going to see the cardiologist who did the left heart cath (for suspected MI) on Monday and will be asking him what he thinks of the results. My regular cardiologist who referred me for the left heart cath ordered up a CTA w/contrast. Just waiting on the insurance to green light the cost.

Wish me luck, and can anyone shed some light on the rate of growth increase - am I in more danger now than I was in years past?

Thank you for your time.
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If obtained in slightly oblique plane, this can result in artifactually accentuated measurement. Your aorta is unlikely to dramatically change in caliber over such a short time period. The CTA is probably the more accurate measurement.
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I should say growth of 6mm in last 11 months, ascending aorta now measures 5CM.
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