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Do i have an aneurysym?

I went to urgent care last night due to what i thought was something related to an ENT issue like ear or sinus infection. Ear was fine but due to my symptoms of left eye pressure, tinnitus, elevated,BP 140/91 and muffled left ear, at fime i can hear my pulse, she said i think we should do process of elimination and have you make an appt asap (next day was Monday) and have your pnp order MRI. I wanted to cry as i had just visited my only child, who is a freshman in college a care package and visited her earlier today. Im a single parent, 47, relatively healthy, not overweight, nonsmoker. I have noticed over last several months fluctuations in my BP which used to be 110/ 68-74 is like 130s to 150s over 78 -100. I cannot evensleep tonight thinking of worst case scenarious. I was told e yrs ago my cat scan showed canal dehescnce and was nothing serious but caused muffling in my Left ear, at times i could hear my pulse and my own voice sound muffled. I just thought it was a nuisance to live with. But due to what this urgent care PA said ( she works also in a neurosurgeon dept), im obviously scared but also praying im one of those cases that worst case scenarios are ruled out and it endsup being something so minor and/or manageable that i just end up breathing a big sigh of relief. I purposely did not eat after midnight jic my pcp sees me and the radiologist has an opening for tomorrow. Ive been dealing with too much stress lately, my daughter in college, my 100 year old grandmother who i was very close to did over a month ago, my job is somewhat stressful, i just ended a 3 yr relationship,  but i have close, local family and friends who i can turn to. I dont share anything with my daughter as shes only 18 and is in college and although i havent gotten results yet, again, just praying all turns out well. Sorry this is long but im lying in bed at 5:30 am with insomnia over this.....sorry for any typos.
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Hello MissNY223
I am curious about your experience and findings.  I too have Pulsatile Tinnitus and have been experiencing headaches for about 4 weeks now.  I recently went to an ENT doc for the Tinnitus and he is scheduling a CT to rule out an aneurysm.  After doing a little research on the net I found that aneurysms are hereditary and my uncle died at age 42 from a brain aneurysm. If I may ask, what was the result of your MRI?  Did it turn out to only be the canal dehescnce you were first told?  Thanks for your response.
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