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Is Blood Work Necessary when taking Lamictal?

I was not  aware that one needs to take blood level count when taking limictal?  Is there a standard  blood test that should be taken when taking lamictal?
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I have taken Lamictal for 7 or 8 years and have never had blood work done because of taking the med.  Maybe the blood work would be to monitor a specific condition or maybe it depends on the dose?

Laura :)
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I've been told blood work is necessary during pregnancy - to get a base line before hand and then to monitor levels. Changes to dosage are made if necessary during and after pregnancy. I am not aware of any being needed otherwise. The other answer made it sound like the person was avoiding any blood work while on lamical. I'm not sure why that would be? Ive had standard tests, glucose, cholesterol, etc, per direction of physicians while on it.
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