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Ophthalmic Artery Aneurysm

While having a CT w/Infusion for swelling in my Parotid gland (salivary gland between ear & jaw on the face) an Ophthalmic Artery Aneurysm was found on the left side of my brain, it is 4mm.  Went to a neurosurgeon for evaluation and he said that because of it's small size and the fact that it was not bubbling out (was smooth) we would not do surgery, but, would keep a close eye on it...CT angio's every six months.  I'd like to know anyone's thoughts on this and would like to hear from anyone who has this kind of aneurysm...thanks
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wow, I can't believe that I am the only person on here with this type of aneurysm....hhhhmmmmm, should I be worried??????
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you are NOT THE ONLY ONE! my Mother had the same ANEURISM Sept 12, 2009 in the midst of a hurricane and died 5 times and was in coma for 30 days, she was eventually brought by GOD back to LIFE and is here today with MUCH DEMENTIA as a result of the RUPTURE! Please keep GOOD watch on any symptom! GOD BLESS and My thoughts and Prayers are with you as you WAIT!
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Hi - I have an aneurysm in the same place. finding out you have an annie can be quite unsettling. Some pointers ;-) make sure you keep your stress down - not always easy but is important. Typically, depending on the size doctors will do a wait and watch approach but not always. It does depend on where it is etc etc. Mine is about 3.5 mm and I'm on a wait and watch approach. I've read some posts on other boards where people had surgery even though they were small and a good thing they did, cause once the doctor got in there it was found that it was close to rupture. Do your homework and get informed is going to be your best approach.  Going every 6 months for a ct angigram sounds like a good approach but it is always a good idea to get a second a opinion irregardless. Different doctors take different approaches which is why unless you trust your doctor that you get a second opinion.

I wish you well.
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Dreambabee, I'm so sorry about your Mom, thanks for the reply and for your prayers.

crwstar, thanks for all the info, I will take everything you have said into consideration and will, indeed, stay on top of it...I was really beginning to think that I was a freak of nature!! lol  My maternal grandmother dies of a stroke at age 36, and I bet it was an aneurysm...that would have been back in the '30's and down south, so anything was possible, I know that they were poor, so, no big town doctor there...
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No, you are not a freak of nature ;-) There are many of us - this board is just beginning to get a few regulars.  I am a little over a year into watching and waiting on the annie I have. I go in this week for another test to take a look at it. I wish you all the best. If you have any other questions pls ask.
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Do you, or did you, have any symptoms that led to your diagnosis or was it found by accident??  Do you have any symptoms now??  Thanks for your info!!  ;) joyce
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I had a headache at that time for 2 1/2 months solid. Was having boughts of vertigo that would last 2 weeks at a time and a whole host of other symptoms. Was absolutely exhausted by noon and felt drunk by end of the day and was tested for diabetes. Its hard to know what to apply to the aneurysm or the pituitary tumor. I think the doctors would say it was found by accident. But who really knows.  I do still have symptoms as of today. Still have the headaches, dizziness, foggy thinking, short term memory loss. I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now. hope some of that helps.
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Oh Wow!  I didn't know that you had a tumor!!  How scary!!  I share some of your symptoms...symptoms which have lead me to suspect that I may have one or multiple,
autoimmune disorders, I am being tested right now (blood), to see if I have Sjogren's Syndrome.  I also have an appt with an Endocrinologist (possible thyroid issues, other than enlargement, nodules) and I have an appt with a Rheumatologist, which is *the* doctor to see if you have autoimmune disorders.  While your case could be totally different, I would suggest that you go to the Autoimmune Forum, and see if any of your symptoms match up...just post your symptoms and I'm sure lots of members will give you their take on them or possibly steer you in the right direction...please let me know what you find out...Oh, I don't have any symptoms from my annie, it was found when I had to have a face CT due to a swollen and painful Parotid gland...It;s the salivary gland that is situated between your ear and jaw, just in front of the ear...I looked like a one-sided chipmunk!! LOL  Keep in touch!! ;) joyce
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Great suggestion. I've often wondered if I have an autoimmune disease since the doctors keep saying both the anuerysm and pituitary tumor are not the cause of my problems. If you ask me, I would say thats plenty. But I do have symptoms that cannot be explained by them.

I can appreciate your sense of humor. Its what gets me thru a lot of the days ;-)
Had the CTA today - wow, forgot that when they inject the dye it makes you feel like you've gone to the bathroom on yourself.....that was not pleasant at all, Lol. I'll find out later this month the results. For now, I will gladly take your suggestion about the autoimmune forum.

What are they going to do about the Parotid gland? I know someone who recently had surgery and saw an episode of 'Mystery Diagnosis" that had that on it.

Be well ;-)
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Haven't found out yet what anyone intends to do for the parotid!!  You look right in their eyes and say, "what about my swollen painful parotid?"  And they look right in your eyes and say nothing!!  I've been shuffled out to doc after doc...no real answers yet, but, I'm not giving up...someone is *Going* to tell me what the heck is going on!!  Even if I have to beat the answers out of them!  LOL  Speaking of that dye, it makes me want to rip every stitch of clothing off...sort of like a hot flash...if you haven't had those yet, that's what they feel like!!  Keep looking for answers, we can't all be crazy hypochondriacs! lol
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Thats a good way of decribing the dye experience - it was like a hot flash. Thankfully, it only lasted a short while ;-) I have had these before and do not look forward to them in the future.  
I do hope you get some movement on your parotid. It is unfortunate, sad and frustrating sometimes dealing with the docs. I tell ya, I totally take it in stride now. One of the first things I find out from a doctor is their medical philosphy on what's going on with me. If its a closed sytem or way of thinking - I then know not to waste my time or energy with them. Its saved me lots of neurons ;-).....see you in the Autoimmune forum.

You are very much like Cath278, who was the very first person I met on here last year. She helped me through getting use to the forum and we still chat with one another today. Nice to meet you Joyce and thanks for your help.
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I just got home from surgery on an opthalmic artery aneurysm. I had coiling and a stent. My aneurysm is 16 mm.  I'm feeling fine but having a few issues with my sight. I feel very fortunate it was found. I had no symptoms until waking one day with double vision which went away by mid afternoon - that was in May.  I'm grateful for a wonderful neurosurgeon and for my primary doctor who didn't just chalk it up to "getting older". I'm 52 - I thought I had an inner ear infection but he asked for an MRI to "be safe".  I found out immediately and was sent to the surgeon who studied it to figure out the best course to take.  I am blessed
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