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Pressure and pulsing in left temple

Hi. I'm a 24 year old female and for a couple of days now I have been experiencing some pressure and sometimes a pulsing in my left temple. It happens off and on and so far it hasn't lasted too long when I experience it. I have been stressed out and have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and have TMJ problems where the left side of my jaw hurts. I noticed my jaw on the left side hurts again and can hardly open it. Could this been an aneurysm or something else serious or could it just be due to stree/ anxiety and TMJ problems? Also my mom's dad died of a brain aneurysm a long time ago.
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It's quite likely the TMJ brought on by stress and tense jaw muscles.  The pulsing may be related to higher blood pressure as well.  As always, it would be good to visit your Doctor to discuss and review the symptoms.  Make sure you also mention to your Doctor about family history of brain aneruysms.  Good luck and stress less if possible!
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I know this post is old but are you okay now? What came of it?
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