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Pulsating vein on the upper right side of neck enlarged in size?

Hi I noticed a lump on the upper right side of my neck and it was pulsating faster and much stronger then the left side. It turns out it's a vein and it is bigger then the left side which is 3.9mm, right side 7.4mm. The ENT doctor has referred me to a vascular surgeon and the radiologist recommended I have an MRI. This will all take a few days or weeks in the mean time I'm stressing as the ENT doctor thinks it may be an aneurysm. Please could you tell me if there could be any other reason for this as I'm from the uk currently residing in Dubai and am concerned as it's private healthcare here not sure if this is all necessary.
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This is absolutely necessary because if it is an aneurysm, you want it taken care of ASAP. An aneurysm can be stable but all it takes is one little instability and things can go very wrong quickly and not in your favor. Please take this seriously.
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