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Pulsing in upper abdomen, just below middle of ribcage?

My whole abdomen pulses, however this is only usually noticeable when I'm lay down. Even when I'm stood up though, this area in the upper abdomen will pulsate with my heart beat. I also suffer from heart palpitations and occasionally I will get the heart skipping sensation in this spot.. Which is rather worrying for me!

My stomach recently has also completely distended on most days; and when I fully push out my belly that spot feels tight inside, like it is being gripped. Sometimes I get strange sharp / tingling spasm from my stomach (behind left ribcage), but this is rare. I'll also find that I've been tensing my abdominals without even realising sometimes, and I have to make a conscious effort to relax my abdomen. I'll get a similar feeling in my chest too sometimes, like my whole front is seizing up.

I went to my GP a couple of days ago, explained that I'm suffering from bloating and acid reflux etc, and also that I have been experiencing this uncomfortable pulsating in my upper abdomen area (and whole abdomen in general). She didn't even check my aorta, probably because I'm only 22.. Just checked my pulse, said it was fine and then felt the sides of my belly and said I was congested. I've been prescribed Senna herbal medication, the box says they're for short term constipation relief and so far they have not been helping to alleviate any of my symptoms to be honest.

Another thing is I smoke cannabis on most days, and this increases my symptoms tenfold. I'll get burning and stabbing pains all over my abdomen and also in-between my shoulder blades intermittently (most noticeable in the upper back and upper right abdomen). This with the heightened mental activity cannabis creates, easily leads to anxiety attacks. Because of how much my heart rate increases when smoking cannabis, immediately after smoking I can feel my aorta throbbing in my abdomen! I've learnt to just wait it out, as this subsides within about 10 minutes, however the uncomfortable bloating feeling does not. To ease this feeling I have to lean forward (which doesn't really work), the only way to make it disappear almost completely is to lie on my front strangely? Just before Christmas time, I had an anxiety attack while smoking cannabis, I really thought I was having a heart attack; but I experienced no pain in my chest or left side or shortness of breath, even today I have never experienced any actual pain from my symptoms. What did happen during this 15 minute period though was my heart kept on skipping beats a considerable amount, and this strange shooting feeling in the centre of my trunk, the only way to describe it was it felt like blood was trying to travel through something that was too narrow, creating this awareness of it passing through. This sensation was very brief and mild, and definitely not painful. It has only happened once and nothing like it has happened since. Since that happened it has always been in the back of my mind that I have an AAA, but my symptoms don't really fit any of the criteria I have researched for having an AAA, or any personal recollections of anyone suffering from one.. So I just don't know.

Apologies for the essay, I wanted to avoid writing something long and personally tailored. But as I've started writing, I've realised how much I've had to say and no one to say it to for months!

I've also attached a picture with the area that pulsates circled.

Thank you for any help / advice :)
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Had something similar it wound up I had a "mild" allergy to a med I was taking" it would cause my diaphragm to spasm almost felt like my heart beat. Still need the med so the Dr has me take a very small amount then wait 20 min then take the balance of dose. Not perfect but it does help. As far as the bloating over the counter Colace and lots of water for a short time only. Then drink 8 glasses of water a day
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I've had a lot of the same symptoms spot-on. Did you ever find a solution I went to my doctor as well and the first time I was told that I was having a panic attack the second time I went and got another evaluation from a different doctor I was told it was acid reflux.
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