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Signs of an Aneurysm??? or stress

I've been having a bad time. I recently opened a business and have been under stress. Up until 2 months ago, I rarely had a headache (maybe 4-5 my entire life), 50 y/o female, overweight, hypothyroid and good structural heart with PVCs so I take 25 mg of atenlol along with 125 mmg of Levoyxl for my thyroid.

Mid April I awoke with a terrific headache and diarrhea, figured it was a stomach virus. Felt bad the next day, then began feeling better. Couple days later had some mild dizziness but had flown a day or so before. Flew home a couple days later. Began to feel somewhat dizzy that afternoon and then it hit. It felt like someone pushed me in my chest. Came home and lay down, BP was fine, but kept feeling bad. So I went to urgent care. Tehy ran EKG which was fine, BP a little high but nothing of concern. Gave me meclizine sent me home. I continued to have dizzy spells but not the chest push and then big dizzy. Fast forward, couple more days, it happened again. Went to my GP and he said he thought it was vertigo/labryntisis (sp) & I would have to wait it out.

Off & on since then, the dizzy spells have conitnued, I've been exhausted, headaches, stiff neck, forgetfulness,etc. It has gotten worse than better. Had one big heart push with dizzy this past week. Now have a heart event monitor for 4 weeks with nothing showing yet (no big push but plenty of dizzy spells). Have had new round of thyroid bloodtests too. So far I am healthy, but never felt worse.

The only thing left to check is my head or attribute it to fatigue/stress. Last night I took a Valium and my neck and shoulders were sore today kinda like they were not as tense. But still have a headache and for someone whose never suffered from them.....it is concerning.

Should be noted that my brother had an enlarged heart which exploded along with an aneurysm--autopsy and his best friend who is a doctor both said both were fatal when they hit. Inconclusive which killed him because both would have. (He was in the process of find what was wrong with him at the time--he'd had left side numbness). Then my daddy died of an aneurysm/stroke (2 of them, with the 2nd fatal) but was dieing from lung cancer treatments as well. SO basically, this has me concerned. I've had some stress-related heart zings before when my mother had a TIA, so ti may be stress. I just do not know and want opinions. My GP says I have no indications of someone that might have a stroke and to forget that......

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Vertigo can do that.  My mother had similar symptoms.  I took her to the emergency room and that's what they diagnoised.  She has been under extreme stress as a primary care person for my dad and managing his day to day chemo treatments.

I would ask your GP why rule out aneruysms especially with a family history.  I realize it is an added cost but it's better to be safe than sorry.     My wife's Neurologist suggested that her sisters should be screened for aneruysms due to her ruptured SAH and her family's history with them.  Good luck and be well!  
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