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Wondering if my brain mri shows aneurysm or microbleeds?

I know (or assume) that nobody can actually diagnose so am just asking for layperson (or professional) opinions please on the snapshots of brain mri in my profile pic.
For some years I have had pressure at back of head, often leaving it difficult to be upright for long as pain builds (am wondering abour chiari malformation as have eds). In the past two years I have experienced 3 very frightening incidents where I had incredibly severe intracranial pressure each lasting 2-3 hrs, during which I was unable to form words and on 2 of the 3 incidents, all of my muscles went rigid/relax/rigid/relax over and over for 2-3 duration of severe intracranial pressure and on 1 of incidents I collapsed (not faint as was concisous) due to the complete loss of strength in body. The 3 incidents I mention occurred a while after the MRI pics in profile. Though the constant pressure in back of head, coincidently in areas of pic B in profile pic, has been present for a long time.
Twice last year when experiencing pretty severe intracranial pressure sensation, liquid started running out of my nose, I tried to blow nose but pain in head was too immense, I felt it was CSF.

I am wondering if I am experiencing intermittant changes in CSF flow, perhaps chiari malformation blocking csf as though have had general MRI (pic in profile) not looking for anything specific, and the MRI was laying down, I did note the brain tonsils were slightly low-only a few mm past where they should be, or if perhaps the 'blobs' in pics B, are perhaps pressing on cranial nerves causing pressure in back of head and often sides behind/above ears. Or if something else is occuring. I also noticed I have a lesion on brain stem and lots of teeny micro ones on corpus callosum and brain stem
Health conditions:
fluctuating high blood pressure
Heart Failure with preserved ejection fraction
Diastolic dysfunction
sleep hypopnea/apnea
ERCP induced chronic pancreatitis
short term memory issues
cognative fluctuating issues
coat hanger pain head/neck/shoulder
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