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abdominal aortic aneurysm

i had repair surgery 8 years ago.  since the surgery i have been bedridden.  i am 57 yrs old.  doctors here say it brought out muscular dystrophy, which i have never had.  they say it made collagen vascular worse as well.  they say i have to learn to live with fact i will remain bedridden.  i was never told this could happen or i never would have had the surgery!  this has been hard to accept considering i was active before this surgery.
is it possible they are wrong?  i have hard time walking across a room because i can not breath!  it is like i am being suffocated.  i have to lie down and wait for my breathing to come back.  i feel this is causing my muscle weakn ess.  isn't it true that muscles need oxygen to survive?
do you feel i need to just accept the diagnosis?  isn't there any hope..anywhere to turn?
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