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not a question. couldn't determine how to respond to question on endoleak. I am a vascular surgeon at the Cleveland clinic. following endovascular repair of aaa, approximately 20% of patients have what is referred to as endoleak. This is filling of the aneurysm sac via several routes and the leaks are classified as 1 through 5. A type II endoleak is retrograde or back filling of the aneurysm sac via side branch arteries known as the lumbar, hypogastric or inferior mesenteric arteries. The management of these endoleaks depends upon a number of different factors like the serial size of one's aneurysm sac as well as the location of the leak and the blood vessel responsible. There are a number of reliable ways to treat these vessels and the most important determinant of success is the level of experience of the proceduralist treating them. google endoleak management and Cleveland clinic vascular surgery for more information. I would be happy to review your images. good luck. Lee Kirksey MD
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I will be sending my reports and CT scans to you for your opinion. My vascular surgeon may be a genius in the OR and probably saved my life, but he tossed out in passing, after the surgery, that I have a Type 2 Endoleak and then just left me hanging. I asked him many questions which he didn't have time to answer, so I'm left wondering if I'm bleeding to death internally? Does this need to be repaired? Where is the blood I'm leaking going? Should I be aware of any dangerous symptoms? I'm scared and have tried to speak to him numerous times for further information, but so far, one month later, I've heard nothing. I AM seeking a second opinion because I can't sleep and I'm a nervous wreck. I really appreciate your offer of looking at my chart, but I can't pay you. I live on a fixed income and have no idea how I'm going to pay the small fortune I now owe the hospital community.
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