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Dads anger getting out of control.

My dad is a 51 year old man who still swings out like a teenager with his anger. He has always had a problem with his anger but recently its getting worse and is starting to affect my own mental health in a negative way. He can go from being perfectly happy to extremely angry and back in the space of a minute and in his angry stages its really bad. The smallest things can make him angry, even just something as small as a lift taking longer then a minute to get to the floor we're on and his angry outbursts cause him to scream and shout and throw things around without a care in the world even in public spaces. He often blames others for his angry outbursts, usually me being the only child of the family and a teenager. This happens all day every day, I can't remember a time where this was not the case.
He has not been diagnosed with anything as he refuses to seek help.
Its getting to the point where I can't handle it anymore, he has ruined all experiences for me and I don't feel like I can keep going on like this, I feel like I can't go out with friends or anything normal due to being afraid of his angry outbursts, birthdays and christmas is never a good time due to it and he still refuses to seek help as he believes he is not in the wrong but other people around him are.
Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I have my own councillor but I don't know if it will be any use talking to her about this as she may have to carry information back to my parents which will cause his angry outbursts.
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If he refuses to get help as you've stated, maybe an intervention? Gather several family members that feel the same way you do, and a medical professional together for a sit down. If he refuses that, there isn't much you can do for him. Maybe you should consider not having a relationship with him, and steering clear of him. If you being in his life is more important than his pride, he'll get help.
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