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Help in Alexandria VA.

I’ve been to my new psychologist 3 times in the last 10 days and he wants to raise my Celexa from 10mg to 40mg because he said I need to “totally relax” and be able to think clearly and that I have way too much bottled up anxiety.
I’m all for drugs but isn’t that way too much. My problem that has me there is, I drank too much and slapped my girlfriend around, I went to jail for abuse. I explained to my psychologist the long list of my life frustrations happening now; it took nearly the first hour to tell him everything wrong with my life. I only have 2 bright spots in my life right now my daughter and my girlfriend and I blew it with my girl friend. His first question to me after I told him everything was have you had your blood pressure checked? He made an appointment for me to get checked out and see why I haven’t had a heart attack. It freaked me out but he had a good point.
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to connect with him and open up 100% so
I was wondering if anyone could suggest a great psychologist in ALEXANDRIA?
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Okay, glad you are getting help but you didn't just 'slap' your girlfriend around.
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No kidding, dumb dumb dumb!
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Yes and a open form is hard to talk openly on.  
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Dude, it is too important for you to be totally honest with your psychologist.  You have to open up or it's not going to work...... take it from a guy who now knows...
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There is also another option.
MKP is the ManKind Project. It's a non-religious organisation designed to help men become their authentic selves - really relating with no ********, in an emotionally safe environment. They have a rites-of-passage weekend training where the key ethics are about support, acceptance, vulnerability, emotional safety, personal responsibility, trust, and all supported in a heartfelt way by other men.
It's a powerful experience for people like myself who weren't used to unconditional support from other men without any competitive overtones.
dggbf: You could take your anger to an MKP week-end and it will likely change in some way. There are MKP trainings all over the States as well as internationally.
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