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How to control my anger at public place?

I am 26 years Male and I don't how to control my anger at a public place.
Please suggest something to overcome from this problem.

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I think you are at least halfway to a solution if you understand this to be a serious problem.  Many people just blow up and assume everything they do is justified.  You have gotten past this and understand that it is not justified to be explosive and angry, and it is in fact counter-productive in so many ways that you need to learn to stop.

There are many good resources for learning anger-management techniques  -- books, websites and even classes.  But I would also say that the first thing to do is consider why you blow up.  Did you have a childhood in which you were berated or abused?  (Many people coming from such a background have a very short fuse when they grow up.)  It is not that you understanding that a knee-jerk reaction now, comes from a childhood of being punished then, will make your childhood pain go away and make you calmer, but it can help to understand that then is not now, and you are a bigger person than past pains you have endured.

Anyway, with that background in mind, do look up some of the anger-management resources.  I know there are a lot of books, try to find one that is culture-specific if you can.  And look for websites, and if you are in a big metro area look for classes.  It really will help you in all the aspects of your life if you learn some of these techniques.

Good luck!
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