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I have been married with my husband for 2years

Ever sense I married him he has always been very abusivve, he gets angry over anything( for example when he comes home and sees a half water in a bottle he starts screaming almost fighting that I didn't put it away, we both work and we got join account for spending but when we get paid he wants me to transfer all the money I get paid and he does not transfer his then I after I transfer he uses the money to pay for everything that needs to get paid and keeps his money on his account. When I ask him what he used the money for he says he spent it on fuel. If I try to stop sending all my money on join account he get really mad and starts fighting. I am currently pregnant for our first baby but he keeps shouting me and telling me that he is handsome and there was so many girls wants to have a baby off him that he refused and I am one of the lucky one who managed to get pregnant for him. I am confused I don't know what to do.
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Personally I went threw the same thing, it sounds like his fighting his own demons and taking it out on you. This is emotional abuse they isolate you, put you down on everything, it's always your fault never there's. Can I ask a personal question has he hit you? And advice I would suggest would be to ask him to seek counselling or anger management if he refuses and you fear for your life or your unborn baby I would suggest to pack your things and walk because it will either get better or worse. You may love him with all your heart but you will find out this is not health and could lead to mental health problems.
Sorry for my input if not wanted but I think it's important to hear it from someone else. I have been broke up with my so's father for 3 years now and I couldn't be more happier for my decision it got to the point where i didn't even want to come home or have my son around him. Now I am free
Good luck to you hun.
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Awww big hugs to you xx But Those are just the early signs of a very controlling and selfish husband. It will only get worse! Do you have close family & friends who can help you? PLEASE be strong for yourself and especially your baby. You need to leave his sorry ***!!!
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Agree with above. Leave IMMEDIANTLY!
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