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I hit my husband and now he wants a divorce.

My husband and i been together 5yrs married 2yr.  Ever since we got married he has changed into a different person. I like the ideal of him having control and being the man of the house but for the last yr he has became hard to deal with. He cusses me, yells at me, tells me to learn to be his wife, i need to do what im told, and be a better mother. There is no respect for me at all. I try to not argue with him but he constantly pushing my buttons to make me cry. I've got to the point where i dont even know what to say to him,  im afraid I'll say it wrong and he will take it the wrong way. I has gotten so bad one day that i felt i couldn't take it no longer and i hit him to get him to stop. I kept telling him over the past yr to stop. It just seem to get worse. I feel bad that i hit him cause I truly love my husband but now he wants a divorce. And I've said sorry over and over but no response. He said it was over the day i put my hands on him. We haven't saw each other in 3 months. Why can't he see what happened that day was from something that was building up over time. I've said him over and over to stop. Is this my fault, and should this be a reason for divorce?
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What should be a reason for divorce is that the picture you are painting is of an undesirable marriage for anyone, you or for him.  He's manipulating you even now, into wanting and begging, when you should be dancing for joy to be away from him.  If you WANT to be married to a guy who in your own description "cusses me, yells at me, tells me to learn to be his wife, i need to do what im told, and there is no respect for me at all," you should see a therapist or counselor along with your lawyer. You're letting him make you act like a crazy person.  Not a good way to be.
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How about some couples therapy and some therapy for yourself if you want to give this a fair chance?  
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I too would be interested in what he would say to couples therapy,

but i agree with AB, this guy drives you to distraction, as he would any women.  From what you've described, he is not a pleasant guy to be around for  a lifetime. He would make you into a very unhappy person given a lifetime of his negativity. You ARE lucky that he left you and not the other way around. It is just as hard, if not harder, to walk yourself out that door. IF you are having a hard time seeing that, please go to a therapist so that you  have a chance to see, you got lucky when he walked. You're free now to go and get that guy that is pleasant to be around , that will treat you right for a lifetime, that will defend you against all harm while giving you none. I'm serious. The guy that you're supposed to be with, because you are compatible,is out there right now looking for you. Don't give up when he's just around the corner. and when you're both so close to a happy life.

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I'm currently 7 months pregnant and me and my husband have been together for 4years. He's a negative person who gets in arguments with everyone at work, driving, neighbors and just randomly. He constantly argues with me over petty crap and feels sorry for himself. I work fulltime cook clean and do everything for my 10 year old daughter. The few times I've asked him for help he's complained or started an argument to make me feel like Im useless. Everytime I feel sick he miraculously feels worse. He always has to be the one everyone empathizes with. When we get into fights he calls me c@!t and b!@€h and tells me how horrible I am. Im not going to sit here and act like an angel. I basically react to him with the same language. When I ask him to leave me alone he won't. Instead he get in my face and starts swearing at me or acting sarcastic. After months of this he finally copped two punches straight to the face from me for not letting me leave my room. He held my arms really hard and bruised me snd started ranting on about hoe he would smash me if I wasn't a girl. I walk away crying for 3 hours straight feeling like **** for reacting the way I did and now I want him to leave because this is not the person I am. I don't know what to do
Making threats is against the law, so for obvious reasons you should give up on this guy unless he goes to anger management classes and learns something. Or you could just ditch him and consider it a permanent good decision.
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