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NEED HELP Can't control anger around pets

So I came to this group because I thought people wouldn't judgment here and that I could be open and honest
I need to confess something it's been on my mind for a while and it's really bothering me I know it's wrong
Ever since I was a little kid I have showd aggression towards my pets it makes me feel horrible I've never beat the **** out of animal it's not like that but when I am under huge stress or they make me irritated I do sometimes a lot of the time hit and kick them...yes I know incredibly wrong that is I have been hiding a secret for years and I need to get it out it's extremely disturbing to me that I can't control myself enough to not do that it's horrible most the time I do it without thinking and I feel horrible about it I've done it so many times sometimes I don't even realize that I do it until after  i'm done I've never gone in detail with anyone about this before not even my therapist makes me feel completely horrible like the worst person on the planet

I came here because I just had a son I'm 22 years old and I'm a single mother and I need to learn how to control me I would never in a million years want my son to exhibit any of that kind of behavior or know that I have that kind of problem I really want to learn how to get my anger under control before my son is of age to understand please help me like I said I came here because this is an anger forum and I needed help I really would appreciate it if people have their comments to supportive ones I don't need to be told that what I do is wrong that's why am here

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Welcome NewMom to Medhelp and the Anger Management Community. I'm so glad that you opened up here, and no, this is not a place to judge you. It is only meant to be a support system.

Can you share what your therapist has had to say about how to handle your anger? and how you are being told to handle yourself when you get the urge to hurt an animal or go into a rage?

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Well it is wrong what you are doing.  I have an insane amount of anger I'm prolly the worst out of my family but never once did i want to hit an animal,  I mean for one the animal can not defend it self,  maybe a bigger dog but even than u could still hurt it worse,  secondly I don't think you should have animals your just setting ur self up for failure,  I have a daughter who will b 6, this yr I am very against hurting animals I've got into fist fights over it, but now I see my daughter is doing what u do, and it drives me nuts ew really makes me mad lol and I don't understand bc I'm totally opposite,  and I try to explain to her how wrong it is, just idk what to do, I have to b super careful n watch her around animals and that is stupid,  you want to get ur anger out hit a boxing bag tape a pillow to your wall and hit it, I rather watch someone fist fight a person than hit an animal,  definitely talk to someone about ur anger,  talking is one of the best things to do to get anger out I use to cut my self than I started fist fighting ppl male n female all the time and it got worst to we're I had domestic violence charges so, ya ik how hard it is to control but at least ppl usually deserve it a animal does not. Sorry I went all over the place wit this,  I wasn't trying to b rude but it's a touchy subject and I hope u figure it bc ur kids do usually follow what up do, I have anger issues now does my daughter..
Hope all goes well for u
You can't tell someone that what they are doing is wrong.. They already understand that.. That's why she brought it up.. She obviously wants help and knows it's wrong.. And you justifying that humans are better to let anger or on instead of animals is ****** up.. You say some ppl deserve it.. Well when your that kind of mad at someone or something and you lose it your thinking in your head that they deserve it.. That's the whole point.. You think that but in the end you realize it wasnt right.. You cannot comment on someone's post if your going to be naive and ignorant.. Everyone that has Anne problems handle it differently.. Do yourself and other ppl a favor and stay away from trying to "help" ppl.. IDC if this post is old.. That **** is wrong
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My suggestion is to get a psych. eval. hurting animals is a pretty big indicator of a few significant mental illnesses. (like Antisocial Personality Disorder)
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